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Primordial Black Holes
Artistic representation of black holes in the halo of a spiral galaxy.

When gravitational waves were first detected at the LIGO interferometer, right after switching it on, the fact that they were produced in a collision of two black holes of about 30 solar masses each was surprising for scientists. It is uncommon for black holes formed by supernovae to be that big, because then the stars that exploded must have had large masses that only happen on very rare occasions and under special circumstances (the material that forms the star must have been almost only hydrogen and helium and barely anything else). However, the fact that they were detected so early suggested to some that these massive black holes might be more common than previously thought.

But there are some theories that predict that large numbers of black holes would have been created in regions of high density very soon after the big bang, and many would remain today. Some even proposed that these "primordial black holes" could be what dark matter is made of. And if there are so many as to be the main component of dark matter and they had this range of mass, they would explain the gravitational wave observation.

However, if millions of black holes are surrounding every galaxy, perhaps we could detect them with gravitational lensing, as their mass deflects light coming from a bright object further away. I recently participated in a study to do just that, and we concluded that these black holes cannot form a significant fraction of the dark matter or there would be gravitational lensing effects that we don't see. The study was accepted by The Astrophysical Journal Letters, and it can be read here:

Yesterday, a Spanish science popularizer specialized on Physics decided to write about it, and suggested that it would be good to have a good illustration to accompany the text. So I made this piece :)
Here is his post, in Spanish:…

The image was created using Cinema 4D, and a technique I developed about 9 years ago to make this video of a black hole in front of a planet:…
The background galaxy is a picture of M81 by the Hubble Space Telescope, available here under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.
Rebels Fleet
The new Star Wars Rebels mid-season trailer got me inspired! (Beware spoilers!)…

The Rebels are finally starting to combine forces from different cells, gathering fleets of considerable strength. Here I decided to do a quick render showing a Nebulon-B frigate and some Corellian corvettes and A-wings from Phoenix Squadron, plus a couple of transports and Y-wings in the background. There's a similar shot in the trailer but a Dornean gunship is also present, so since I wouldn't be able to create an exact replica, I added the starfighters for good measure :)

Created in Cinema 4D R11.5
A-wings by Jose Gonzalez, Matt Walton & Matt Allen
Nebulon-B Frigate by Sean Kennedy
Corellian Corvettes by Tom Sehenuk & Fabio Passaro
Y-wings by Al Meerow
Rebel Transports by Sean Kennedy & André Müller
Gravitational lens system
Artistic representation of the phenomenon I studied during my PhD thesis. A quasar (left) emits light that gets deflected by a galaxy acting as gravitational lens (center, orange), making us see four images of the quasar when we observe the system (right).

The image on the right is our actual data from mid-infrared observations, described in the following paper:…

Cosmological simulations show that part of the dark matter in the halo of the lens galaxy should be concentrated in subhaloes (that I illustrated in gray), but in numbers far higher than the amount of satellites observed in nearby galaxies. This is important because they either do not exist and our dark matter theories require refinements, or they are there but do not contain stars that would make them luminous. The gravity of these subhaloes has an effect in the fluxes we observe in the multiple images of the lensed quasar, and we can use gravitational lensing to detect their presence.


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Hm, that scene might be tricky, yes… I'll have to try it one day :)
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